Marble Bar Cup

Date: July 6, 2019
Start Time: 12:00
Location: Marble Bar Race Club

The annual Marble Bar Race Weekend is on again! So grab your swags and boots and get ready for a good time!!

The Marble Bar Races Ball is held on the Friday night as a warm up for a great day of racing. It is a formal event, and dressing to the theme is strongly recommended.This years theme is TBA

With a track surrounded by spinifex, red hills and a dusty two up ring the Pilbara comes together with miners, town folk, families, travellers from across the world and all the crew from Pilbara Stations near and far.

The early days of racing were supported by district bred horses and a two day meeting was held until the early 70’s when professional jockeys and registered race horses came into being. Over the years Marble Bar has been seen as a very successful ‘picnic race’ day, it is an event simply not to be missed!

For more information email

Marble Bar Race Club
Halse Road,
Marble Bar
WA 6760